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Marketing Services

Launch, learn, improve, repeat.

Marketing & 


Campaign Strategy, Analysis and Planning 

Whatever we do, it starts with strategy and analysis. We have to know what type of people (or organizations) are in the market for what you have to offer, what they already know, what they care about, what media they consume, who your competitors are, what they are doing better (or worse) than you are, and a few other things.


This is crucial for developing the best possible projects or campaigns for your business or organization. Generally, we work through this analysis with you. You are the expert on your business or organization, so plan to be an active participant in the process!


If you’ve already done this work, that might save some time. But don’t be surprised if we ask about a few things you haven’t thought about before. Addressing your challenges and opportunities from a fresh perspective can yield new questions – and insights.

Writing and Design

We love hip design as much as the next agency. And, of course, we live for clever prose. But we never let that get in the way of what’s important: communications that drive awareness and/or sales. 


The end result could be flashy or somber. The point is, what we like isn’t important. What you like isn’t even that important (sorry!). It’s all about what your target audience likes, wants and needs. The customer is queen. Even when we don’t agree with her. 😁

Strategy and Program Development Services
  • Client & competitive messaging audits

  • Positioning (companies or products)

  • Naming (companies, products, events)

  • Key message development

  • Advertising & marketing plan development

  • Product launch strategies

  • Marketing plans

  • Persona research & development

  • Creative briefs

  • Branding & tag lines

Creative Services and Production 
  • Copywriting

  • Graphic design

  • Website development, writing & design

  • Search engine optimization (organic SEO)

  • Search engine marketing (SEM/paid search ads)

  • App Store Optimization (ASO)

  • Brochures, flyers & other collateral

  • Trade show materials

  • Audio production (advertising & podcasting)

  • Video production (TV, Web or presentations)

Marketing Services

Public Relations



Strategy for Public Relations Campaigns and Projects

Public relations requires research, analysis and strategy just like marketing. In fact, PR is marketing with additional consideration given to how your messaging might land with intermediaries who can amplify your news.

In the old days, PR messages were aimed almost entirely at journalists. The news was always filtered through the media, so their needs were paramount. And sometimes they didn't even care about the same things as your target audiences!


Now, public relations must serve two masters:  journalists and the public.

Media Relations and Influencer Marketing

Media relations is the process of identifying relevant journalists and publications, creating targeted press lists, contacting journalists or bloggers with story pitches, following up to get stories placed, and monitoring industry coverage to develop insights and opportunities.

Unfortunately, there is no "magic list" of journalists waiting to hear about your organization. Every organization’s press list will be different based on news angles, timing, and constant changes among editorial staffers and freelancers.


Influencer relations can cover a wide array of outreach to individual experts (non-journalists) and enthusiasts who might be able to build buzz about your products and services. Some people are considered influencers because they have a genuine area of expertise and they've cultivated a following for their insights. Others are merely courting fame and fortune — if you pay them, they’ll say almost anything. From a PR standpoint, we usually care more about the former than the latter, but there are exceptions to every rule.


Our founder, Carri Bugbee, recently gave a presentation about the overlap of PR and influencer marketing. You can check that out on Slideshare.  

Direct Outreach to Customers, Fans and Stakeholders

These days, it can be challenging to get news stories placed since many media outlets have shrunk or shut down entirely. The good news is, there are more ways than ever to share news directly with customers and constituencies.


Blogs, social networks (public and private) email newsletters, videos, enthusiast groups, and podcasts all offer ways to connect directly with your prospects and customers. And the list of “channels” for outreach is always expanding!

PR Strategy and Program Development Services
  • Client & competitive messaging audits

  • Public relations plan development

  • Product launch strategies (startups or established brands)

  • Positioning

  • Key message development  — prioritized for different audiences

  • Developing viable story ideas & angles

  • Press research (assessing what journalists/bloggers cover, which competitors are getting coverage and why)

  • Press list development (created & customized for each client)

  • Creating online news rooms — content development & platform set-up

Writing for News and Public Relations 
  • Press releases

  • Executive biographies

  • Backgrounders

  • Fact sheets

  • Press kits

  • News articles

  • Bylined articles (“authored” by your executives or in-house experts)

  • Blog posts

  • Opinion pieces & letters to the editor

  • Promotional copy for Web sites, splash sites, trade shows & collateral

Media Relations and Media Training
  • Pitching stories & building relationships

  • Monitoring coverage of relevant category topics and competitors

  • Creating & submitting article abstracts for bylined articles

  • Press conferences – planning & execution

  • Media training to prepare spokespeople for interviews

  • Recommendation & use of media wire services

  • Planning & direction for video news releases

Special Events
  • Trade shows – planning, on-site support & related press announcements

  • Coordination & scheduling for announcements & interviews at events

  • Corporate & social events – planning, production, promotion * execution

Public Relations

Social Media Marketing

Social Media That Makes Sense for Your Brand

As early adopters, we were pioneering the use of social media for marketing when most were still saying social networks were exclusively for personal use. We know what works and what doesn't. And how fast that can change.

The important thing to know: we never take a cookie-cutter approach.

Not every brand needs to be on Instagram. Some businesses would do better to focus on reviews, for example. Most B2B companies need a different approach from that of consumer brands. Nonprofits often benefit from a completely different engagement model. 


In many cases, social media marketing overlaps with PR and advertising. If that's the case, we can coordinate all your cross-channel communications or work with your team(s) already handling some of these activities.

Following are lists of typical social media marketing strategies and activities. — at the moment. Did we mention how fast things can change?


Strategy and Planning for Social Media Marketing
  • Competitive audits for messaging, content, methods & channels

  • Audit of current social media activity to assess opportunities

  • Defining or refining target audiences

  • Assessment of cross-channel integration(s)

  • Platform & tool recommendations

  • Writing & recommendations for community & staff moderation policies

  • Content planning

  • Hashtag research, analysis & recommendations

  • Editorial calendar creation & updates


Execution of Social Media Activities and Campaigns
  • Writing for all platforms (short form & long form)

  • Sourcing & tweaking images as needed

  • Daily engagement with fans & followers (community management)

  • Finding & cultivating relationships with press & influencers

  • Editing audio/visual media

  • Integrating tools & platforms


Advertising on Social Networking Platforms
  • Creative approach to ad targeting

  • Writing & design of ads

  • Budgeting

  • A/B or multivariate testing to determine most efficient executions

  • Refining campaigns to maximize ROI

Social Media Training for Teams and Executives
  • Assess team capabilities

  • Train team members on best practices

  • Recommend tools & provide coaching on usage

  • Conduct regular check-ins to keep people motivated

Social Media Marketing

Event Planning,



Crafting Visceral, Bonding — and Branding — Experiences 

Interacting with prospects, customers, press and influencers via a live event (real or virtual) can create buzz that’s both personal and long-lasting. It’s one of the best ways to forge positive memories and associations with your brand.

We can handle everything from planning to promotions and production. Or just tackle a single aspect of an event, while coordinating with other team members and vendors.

Live Event Experience 
  • Meetups

  • Press conferences

  • Tradeshows

  • Screenings

  • Open house events

  • Annual dinners

  • Conferences

  • Concerts

  • Board meetings

Virtual Events
  • Webinars

  • Podcasts


Content Development

& Marketing 

Content is the Rocket Fuel of Modern Marketing  

When we use the word content, we mean anything that a potential customer will consume along the way to gaining awareness and/or buying. Content might be overtly persuasive. It could be purely informational with barely a mention of your company. It can be text, images, audio, video, interactive — even live participatory events.

Since content is necessary for nearly all marketing activities, having a special section here devoted to content is a bit redundant. But you might only need content — if you already have a marketing team or agency doing strategy and other fun stuff. In that case, we can fill the content gap — and do it with verve.

Content Marketing Deliverables​
Content Development
  • Blog posts

  • Executive bylined articles

  • Video scripts

  • Case studies

  • White papers

  • Biographies

  • Mission statements

  • News articles

  • Social media posts

  • Website copy

  • Flyers

  • Presentations (slide decks)

  • How-to guides

  • Position papers

  • Conference wrap-up posts

  • Lobbying support materials

  • Email marketing

  • Checklists

  • Podcast intros/exits

  • Webinars

  • Polls & surveys

  • Memes

  • Quizzes

  • Courses                           

  • Q&As

  • FAQs

  • Industry analysis

  • Magazine & newsletter articles

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